Annual Meeting

Here at Akmase Import and Export we conduct a yearly event to make sure that our clients are met with the best international working standards possible. we also conduct our meeting to facilitate our companies relation with our clients both inside and outside the country. last year we conducted this meeting with our employees and partners, and it was one of the most successful meetings we have had to date, since we got to work on our communication and other aspects of our work culture.

Gulfood Exhibition Feb 16-20, 2020 on Dubai World Trade Center.

we are on Dubai world trade center presenting 25th Gulfood Exhibition starting on February 16th up to 20st on our import and export capabilities. Hall Name - ZA'BEEL, Hall - B1, Stand - 21D1, 21D2, 21C2

Ethiopia Coffee Ceremonial on Gulfood Exhibition.

The coffee ceremony was first practiced in Ethiopia and Eritrea.for the purpose of getting together with relatives, neighbors, or other visitors.

Gulfood Visitors & Exhibitors.

Ethiopian Section on the Gulfood.

Promoting the export of agricultural commodities has the power to positively reinforce the Ethiopian brand.

Ethiopian Test Of Origins.

Ethiopia: Taste of Origins, derived from the national brand Ethiopia: Land of Origins, will serve as the branding element for all agricultural commodities and food related trade shows. This will maintain continuity with the national brand to ensure that Ethiopia is promoted consistently across different sectors in trade fairs held locally and internationally.

Exhibitor at akmase booth.

There are almost 5000 exhibitors participating from over 120 countries around the world. Ethiopia was one of the participatory country and we promote Ethiopian coffee, tea, crops, and spice widely. In addition to that we have made business deal with different buyer for different indigenous products Akmase Import & Export.